At times getting your staff to sit through a training session is like getting Lindsay Lohan into rehab…Good Luck! Sometimes you can’t help it – the material you’re delivering can be, unlike Lindsay Lohan, quite dry. That’s why you need to call us and get 2 Thumbs Up Productions by your side. We have a knack for putting a fun and creative spin on training material so that attendees remain engaged and the information stays retained.

Producer/director Joe Costa has worked as a trainer in the corporate environment training such “exciting” topics as Regulatory Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering so he knows a thing or two about taking dull material and making it exciting. We guarantee you, once your staff have been exposed to a video from 2 Thumbs Up Productions they will be lining up for the next session!

By the way…we’re just teasing Lindsay.

For a sample clip of a Training video click here.

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