One of the specialties of 2 Thumbs Up Productions is our use of humour to deliver a message. Another is to Heighten Your People’s Engagement (HYPE™). Whether your production is being used as a motivating kick off to a sales conference, a way to engage staff at a team building event, or as a “Year in Review” at your annual holiday party, you can tap into the zany minds at 2 Thumbs Up Productions to engage and motivate your audience.

Drawing from his years of training at Second City in Toronto and as a graduate of the Humber School of Comedy producer/director Joe Costa is guaranteed to provide you with a HYPE™ video that will be the talk for quite some time.

If you are looking for clients or staff to immediately connect with your message then a HYPE™ video is a sure fire way to get them hooked from the first frame of video!

For a sample clip of a HYPE™ video click here.

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